Six Good Habits To Get Into To Prevent Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

Malfunctions of your garage door opener can be cumbersome and frustrating. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes neglect to take proper care of their garage door opener and develop bad habits that increase the chances of malfunctions.

The following are six good habits to get into to prevent garage door opener malfunctions. 

Observing garage door opener functioning

You should pay attention to how well your garage door opener is operating. Take note of anything that's unusual. For example, it's important to notice right away if your garage door opener is making unusual noises.

Observing how your garage door opener is operating can make you aware of a developing malfunction right away so that you have it addressed before it creates problems for your household. 

Avoiding overuse of your garage door opener

The more frequently you use your garage door opener, the more quickly it will experience wear and tear. Overusing your garage door opener can therefore lead to premature service needs and malfunctions.

Try to optimize garage door opener use so that you're not constantly opening and closing your garage door throughout the day. 

Having any moving parts of your garage door opener system lubricated

As with any mechanical system, a garage door opener includes moving parts that need to be lubricated. Neglecting to apply lubricant to these moving parts can make it so that mechanical parts wear out and require replacement more quickly. 

Making sure the tracks of your garage door opener system are free from debris

One common cause of garage door opener malfunctions is debris obstructing the tracks. Debris can cause a jam in a garage door opener that leads to extensive damage to mechanical parts.

You should keep an eye on your garage door opener track and make sure that debris and residue don't build up in the tracks that could obstruct movement. 

Having loose hardware replaced right away

Another problem that can creep up and lead to garage door opener damage is loose hardware. If you notice that hardware, including springs and screws, is coming loose, you should contact your garage door technician to have it tightened or replaced as necessary. 

Scheduling routine inspections with a garage door technician

Routine inspections are important if you want to avoid garage door opener malfunctions. You should have periodic inspections done at least on an annual basis.

During routine inspections, your technician can perform maintenance and make sure that all of the parts of your garage door opener system are functioning properly. Contact a company that sells garage door openers for more information.