3 Ways To Prepare For Your Garage Door Installation

A large percentage of garage door installation is usually the role of your professional installers. Nonetheless, you can do a few things before the installation team arrives to smoothen the process. Ultimately, early preparation saves you time and reduces any possible accidents.

Discover three ways to get ready for your garage door installation.

1. Clear Your Garage 

Since garage door installation involves a lot of movement and tools, you wouldn't want to risk any damage to your vehicle. So, move all cars outside your garage to leave enough workspace and parking slots for the installation team. Then, park your cars far enough to allow your installers clear access to the area around the work truck.

Besides vehicles, your garage is a storeroom for yard equipment, bicycles, sports equipment, etc. So that you don't have to clear your garage of such items, move them to the far end to leave enough working space. You should keep any item of high value out of the garage to prevent damage or theft because your garage door will be open to the outside during installation.

2. Plan Ideal Locations for Openers, Wall Consoles, and Keyless Pads

Think about the location of your entry mechanism to save the time you would otherwise use to discuss with your installers. The typical spot for an opener is close to an outlet or can be reached easily by an extension cord. If you have shelves, wall hangings, or anything that obstruct access to the outlet, move the items before the installers arrive.

If you want a keyless entry system, you must have a location to put the keyless entry pad. The consoles are often placed next to the door that enters the garage. Nonetheless, you could choose a different location based on your needs and preferences. Whichever location you select should be clear of items so your installers can do the job unimpeded.

3. Keep Little Feet and Paws Out of the Way

Often, customers allow pets to roam around while garage door installation is underway. Keep your pets away because your installers could trip over the small animals. Also, some pets are curious and will find something interesting to chew on, which could damage equipment.

Garage door installation involves heavy items, hand and power tools, and other dangerous items. The installers need a safe workspace for themselves and the residents of your home. So, your kids shouldn't be around the installation area because of the possible safety hazards.


A new garage door is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home's look and functionality. You wouldn't go through a lot of trouble to create a safe and more pleasant environment for work. So, offer the necessary help for your installers to have a hassle-free garage door installation process.