Fiberglass Garage Door Repairs

Fiberglass panels that comprise a garage door are prone to becoming scratched or cracked. Extreme temperatures or blunt force could result in needing to repair part of your garage door. Use the steps below to fix the fiberglass. 

An Initial Assessment

Fiberglass garage doors typically contain a series of fiberglass panels. Glass panes, hardware, trim, and other design elements may separate fiberglass panels from one another.

Visually assess your garage door. If the damage to the fiberglass isn't extensive, using a patch kit will allow you to restore the strength of the damaged section.

The Patching Process

Purchase a fiberglass repair kit, primer, paint, and any other finishing materials that were originally applied over the damaged fiberglass section. The fiberglass repair kit will contain epoxy and a hardener. A mixing tool and a spreader will likely be included in the kit.

Add the epoxy and the hardener to a container. Blend the two ingredients. Use the spreader to apply the patch to any parts of the panel that are scratched or cracked. The repair process should be conducted along the side of the fiberglass that endured the damage. If cold weather, for instance, was responsible for the pane becoming cracked, apply the patch to the exterior side of the pane.

Once the patch hardens, sand the surface of the fiberglass panel. Any excess patch will be removed during the sanding process. Use touch-up tools to apply primer, paint, or any other finishing materials to the repaired fiberglass panel.

A Professional Inspection

If multiple fiberglass panels are severely damaged, consult with a garage door specialist who offers a repair service. A collision that involved a vehicle, an attempt to break into the garage, or another serious situation could have damaged the fiberglass to the point where it cannot be salvaged.

A garage door specialist will inspect the door. They may temporarily block off the fiberglass sections. Performing this step will prevent heat loss from the garage. It will also deter anyone from attempting to enter the garage.

The model of the garage door that your garage features will be noted. The repair person will use the model number when ordering replacement materials for the door.

Professional Repair Steps

A garage door specialist will remove each damaged fiberglass panel from its frame. They will clean each frame. Then, they will anchor the new fiberglass panels within the frames. The repair person will prime and paint the new fiberglass panels.

Contact a garage door repair company in your area to learn more.