Garage Door Springs — Functions And Restorative Processes

Torsion springs and extension springs counterbalance the weight of a garage door. They work in collaboration with a garage door opener or manual opening process.

Spring Products

Torsion springs and extension springs are designed to rotate as a door is actively opened or closed. The stored force that is acquired through this twisting motion is what prevents a door from being too heavy for a garage door opener or an individual to lift and close.

Garage door springs are a basic accessory that modern garage door styles utilize. The springs are installed along the interior side of the door. They do not impede the functionality or appearance of a garage door.

The Design And The Material

Garage door springs come in a coiled format. The thickness of the metal coils may vary between product lines. The thickness and weight of a spring product must be carefully measured when installing a new garage door. Springs need to be rated to support the weight of the door.

Metal grades that springs are constructed also vary. Many spring products are constructed of non-corrosive metal. Products that aren't constructed of non-corrosive metal will need to have an anti-rust product applied to them.

Cleaning And Lubrication

If springs fail to operate properly, a garage door may be difficult to open and close. During a professional garage door inspection service appointment, a technician will assess both sides of the door. They will use a metal cleaning product to clean the garage door springs.

Cleaning the springs removes dust buildup that could alter the performance of the springs. A technician may apply a lubricant to the springs. A lubricant will support free movement of the springs. A lubricant will also protect the metal from premature wear.


If a garage door spring becomes worn out, the coils will stretch. This stretching process prevents garage door springs from working properly. A garage door technician will recommend that worn-out springs be replaced. Replacing a set of springs will ensure that a garage door can be opened and closed with little or no effort on an end user's part.

A technician will replace a set of torsion springs or extension springs in pairs. By doing so, the springs will both operate in the same exact manner. A technician will use a hand tool or a power tool to remove the hardware that is attached to each spring that is being replaced. Then they will install the new springs and hardware.

For more information on garage door spring repair, contact a professional near you.