Own A Garage Door? Don’t Forget About Maintenance

While you can seek out professional help to fix your garage door if it breaks down, you do not want it to come with that. Keeping a garage door operational means that you'll need to perform regular maintenance so that it stays in great shape. Here are some tips for doing just that. Track Maintenance While you may not notice those tracks suspended high up in your garage, you should not ignore them. Read More 

How To Align Garage Door Sensors

If your garage door safety sensors aren't working properly, the door won't close at all. Garage door safety sensors detect when an object is close by and keep the door from closing on it. Sometimes, the sensors may get knocked out of alignment, but you should be able to fix it yourself by following these tips. Prepare to Adjust the Sensors You need:  rags a tape measure several boxes or containers string  a level rubbing alcohol   Locate the garage door sensors, which are commonly on the door rail about one to six inches from the floor on both sides. Read More 

Tips For Picking A New Garage Door When You’re Renovating Your Home’s Exterior

Garage doors are very a significant investment while building a home. They can add an elegant look to homes and ensure the safety and security of the property and its contents.  They also offer weather protection. If you're renovating your home's exterior, why not go for a door that offers a little more in all of these categories? Here are some things to consider:  Upgrade the insulation If you wish to go for an insulated door for saving energy or keep the garage warm, be prepared to spend about 20 percent extra to upgrade to polyurethane insulation. Read More 

Silence That Noisy Garage Door With These Tips

You might think that the clatter your garage door makes every time it opens and closes is normal, but that's far from the truth. In reality, most garage doors are designed to operate as quietly as possible. It's only when problems develop that you'll start to hear that all-too-common racket associated with garage doors. Fortunately, you can nip this noise in the bud with regular maintenance and these following tips. Read More