Green Up Your Garage: Eco-Friendly Options For Your Garage

From carrying reusable shopping bags to composting and upcycling old building materials into new home décor, there are many ways to go green in your life. Of course, your home should also be part of your eco-friendly lifestyle, but you may not place enough focus on your garage. While not a part of your home's actual square footage, your garage is a prominent area for energy loss and toxic chemicals. Thankfully, going green in your garage is possible. Read More 

Waterproofing Your Wooden Garage Door: Why And How

Garage doors made from natural woods have a striking elegance, providing your home with a strong rustic touch. To keep this beauty rich and fresh, it is important to make sure your garage door is properly waterproofed. Why Should I Waterproof? Exterior-facing wood that has not been stained and sealed can become an eyesore. If your garage door is not protected from the elements, moisture and the sun's rays can wreak havoc on more than its looks-- it can compromise the vital structural integrity of the door. Read More 

Insulate Your Garage Door With Stop Molding: A How-To Guide

Garage doors are much better at insulating spaces if they provide protection from heat and cold around the edges. Stop molding, made from PVC plastic, is a great way to keep the unwelcome temperatures outside. It is simple to install for the do-it-yourself homeowner, and it requires a minimal amount of tools. Below is how you can install stop molding around the exterior of your garage door in just one afternoon: Read More 

3 Reasons Why A Steel Garage Door Is Right For You

Garage doors last a long time, so if you need to buy a new one now, it's entirely possible it's the first time you've looked for a garage door in a decade or more. If this is your first home and you're replacing the garage door that came with the home, this might be your first garage door shopping experience ever. There are more choices out there than you might think. Read More